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Monday, July 3, 2000


This is in response to Kathy Kiely’s mocking, biased, ignorant and incredibly narrow-minded article regarding Representative Ron Paul. Before USA Today allows its “journalists” to spew their own fear-laden and brainwashed views on the readers, USA should at ask them to seek out a balance in their viewpoint.

The lead paragraph poses that Rep. Paul would vote against federal funds for motherhood and apple pie. I would hope that he would and would thank him for it. Kiely utterly fails to understand that a vote against federal funds for motherhood, apple pie, medals for the Pope or other celebrities or dignitaries is not a vote against these institutions or people. It is simply a vote to end the ever-more wasteful and un-constitutional spending of federal funds for items that have nothing to do with the federal government’s charge.

I also agree with Mr. Paul on the IRS, Selective Service and the DEA. In fact, most reasonable people that actually look at these issues agrees that they are destroying our American Republic.

The “Drug War” alone has been used to outrageously destroy many of our constitutional and God-given rights. And for what? A police state in a so-called land of liberty? An incredibly bloated, corrupt federal government, wildly spending billions of dollars on special interests and $500.00 toilet seats? A government that has signed international treaties giving foreign governments and the United Nations power and control over our once sovereign nation, effectively suspending our constitution.

Kiely goes on to snidely criticize Rep. Paul because he “wants to return the nation to the way he THINKS the framers of the constitution wanted it: a loose confederation of states in which the states hold the bulk of the power and in which the value of the dollar is pegged to gold”. What does Kiely “think” the framers wanted. She has obviously never read the constitution and certainly has no understanding of its importance.

This woman should take the summer off and learn what this country is based on and the blood sacrifices men and women have made defending it.

Shame on you for running an article condemning a man for defending the constitution on the day we celebrate our freedom.

Interestingly, five pages later, you had an editorial about Thomas Jefferson. In it you quote Jefferson: “the essential principles of our government are equal and exact justice, honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none, support of state governments”.

Before ignorant and brainwashed people such as Kathy Kiely denigrate a true patriot as Ron Paul, they should learn why many Americans today hold Mr. Paul’s same views and are fighting to return our country to a Constitutional Republic.

If people like Kiely refuse to wake up, we certainly will not have many more Fourth of July celebrations of freedom and liberty.
posted by John Haspel 7/3/2000 2:48:36 PM

Thursday, June 8, 2000

An open letter to Rosie O'Donnell

Dear Rosie:

I know that you, like most all people who see themselves a preciously above everyone else simply because of self-proclaimed talent, or bank account or simply because you think that your very existence gives you the right to pontificate, I want you to know what I think of you. (I realize that a paid flunky will screen this and your preciousness will never read this, but at least I will feel better, you never will)

Politics aside, you are the most arrogant, self-deluded elitist I have ever seen. You simply disgust me, and it is not just your looks. You are a blind hypocrite who insists that people believe the words you say simply because you say them. Your disturbing and psychotic actions do not seem to matter to you at all.

For many years you made a lot of money pimping for the largest gun retailer in the country. You severed your ties only after this hypocrisy was revealed to your addled public.

Shortly after making a complete buffoon of your self at the million mad mom march, you hire an armed bodyguard to protect yourself and your kid. Again you use your big mouth to keep the lie you live afloat.

Do you realize that the same constitutional protection you wish to use for your family is the same protection that the gun owners that you so freely defame want for their families.

It is obvious that for yourself, the second amendment is something that a person in your exalted position deserves to exercise, but for ordinary citizens, who haven't had the opportunity to get paid for lying to the world, should have this most basic right in a free republic denied them.

When I can no longer defend my family, will you loan me your bodyguard?

One more thing I would like your arrogant self to think about. Your thoughtless and stupid actions may result in what you seem to fear most, and why the people you so despise are willing to fight for our constitution:

A year ago, Australia, following the lead of fear-mongers such as yourself confiscated (after requiring full registration) all handguns, over 640,000 at a cost of 500 million dollars and these are the results:

The gun ban and confiscation program cost the Australian government more than $500 million. Sometimes using deadly force, authorities there collected 640,381 personal firearms.

And now the results are in: Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent (in a country that has a low homicide rate).

Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent.

Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent).

In the state of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300 percent.

Figures over the previous 25 years show a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms - since the gun ban this has changed for the worse.

There has been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults on the elderly.

Australian politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how no improvement in "safety" has been observed after such monumental effort and expense was successfully expended in "ridding society of guns."

An e-mail circulating the Web reveals the harmful effects of the Australian gun ban, noting that "you won't see this data on the evening news or hear your governor or members of the state Assembly disseminating this information."

Another Australian offers a warning: "Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws only affect the law-abiding citizens. Take note, Californians and other Americans, before it's too late!"

What will you do, you arrogant moron, when even the great Rosie cannot even find an armed guard to protect her prescious self? What will you do when the ONLY people with guns are the ones that will always have guns, the criminals, and there is no one to stand up to them? What will you do?
posted by John Haspel 6/8/2000 10:05:03 PM

Sunday, February 6, 2000

Bill Would Levy Fine for Refusing to Own a Gun

“In a tit-for-tat Second Amendment rights move, a bill in the Vermont House would require residents over 18 who do not own guns to register with the secretary of state's office and pay a $500 penalty, according to The Boston Globe. Giving gun restriction advocates a taste of their own medicine, state Representative Fred Maslack would force everyone in the state to own a gun.

Vermont lawmakers may be taking to an extreme the adage that an armed
society is a polite society, but evidence suggests their bill could reduce
crime more than measures that restrict gun ownership. In "Fighting Back:
Crime, Self-Defense, and the Right to Carry a Handgun,"
( Jeffrey R. Sneider shows that
crime-rates are reduced in states that adopt concealed-carry laws.”
From the Cato Institute -

While I am not in favor of any laws that would infringe on any citizen’s rights, including the right not to defend one’s self, this would certainly go a long way in showing the rest of the country why the state with the lowest crime rate also has the least restrictive gun laws.

Perhaps if all the freedom loving, fearless, self-reliant and self-responsible people would relocate to Vermont and secede from the union, we “gun-nuts” can truly live in crime-free peace, freedom and prosperity while the 49 states of the union can continue on their road of corruption, lies, crime and tyranny.
posted by John Haspel 2/6/2000 10:38:01 AM

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

New Orleans PD, From One Of The Worst To One Of The Best

The New Orleans Police Department, one of the most corrupt in the country and the focus of numerous F.B.I. investigations has emerged as a model for other police departments.

Much of the credit belongs to Police Superintendent Richard Pennington. In less than six years he has transformed a department that was feared by local citizens and embraced by local criminals.

New Orleans, at one time the “murder capital of the country”, has seen its murder rate drop 62% since Pennington took office. At the same time the nations murder rate dropped 27%.

Prior to Pennington beginning his term of office, various New Orleans police officers were involved in murder, drug-running, extortion, robbery and running protection rackets. This department was so out of control that on the day that Pennington took over the department, October 13, 1994, one of New Orleans “finest” ordered the murder of a citizen who had filed a brutality charge against him.

Officer Len Davis has subsequently been convicted of ordering the execution of Kim Groves after she reported Davis for pistol-whipping a teenager.

Many local citizens did not report crimes by this police department for fear of their own lives, as they knew that the cops and the criminals were the same.

Pennington accomplished this turn-around with his own “zero-tolerance” stand. He eliminated the Internal Affairs Bureau and created the Public Integrity Division and moved the offices of P.I.D. out of police headquarters to allay the fears of the citizenry.

He also removed over one-third of the officers that were a part of the department when he took over. Pennington has also made many more changes and improvements to the department and has proven that a very effective law-abiding police force is possible in an era of rampant corruption and un-constitutional practices in other police departments.

It is also interesting to note again that as New Orleans weeded out and prosecuted criminal cops, the murder rate fell almost three times the national average.

Bullying, overzealous, over-aggressive and criminal police departments take note.
posted by John Haspel 2/1/2000 11:10:13 AM

Monday, January 31, 2000

Laguna Beach Police Refuse To Obey The Law

In another example of out of control law enforcement, The Laguna Beach California Police Department has threatened to use Swat teams to attack legal medical marijuana users

Voters in California passed Proposition 215 allowing the compassionate use of medical marijuana to aid those suffering from debilitating and deadly disease such as cancer, aids and multiple sclerosis.

That this is now the law of the land in California does not seem to concern those that are charged with enforcing those laws. This out of control police department seemed to also not care who has hired them and who is paying their wages. The Laguna Beach Police Department also has no regard for their oath to uphold the California Constitution.

When Law Enforcement takes the law into their own hands, we need no longer to vote. In fact the basic right of all Americans to define the type of society they wish through the framework of Sate Constitutions is threatened and the citizen is left oppressed by local dictatorships as is happening in Laguna Beach.

As these thugs (the LBPD) are acting outside of the limits of their oath, and are in fact breaking the law themselves, all who participate in illegal actions or support such actions must be removed from any position of authority as they have shown they recognize no authority but their own.

In effect, what is taking place in Laguna Beach are criminal cops using taxpayer supplied armaments and other taxpayer supplied resources to attack law-abiding citizens. When this happens and is allowed to continue it is time to take back the authority from the criminals, put them in jail, and hire non-criminal law enforcement men and women who agree to abide by their oath and do the job they are hired to do.
posted by John Haspel 1/31/2000 5:10:02 PM

Friday, January 28, 2000 supports criminal assault against Bauer has published an article by syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage about his vicious attempts to infect Presidential hopeful Gary Bauer with the flu.

Mr. Savage, suffering from the flu, committed perjury by signing an Iowa voter registration card in order to further his access to an innocent man. He posed as someone who wanted to volunteer for Bauer's campaign and landed a job in the Iowa headquarters. He then proceeded to do his best to infect Bauer and other members of Bauer's staff.

That the flu kills thousands of people every year does not seem to bother Savage at all, in fact it appears this is just what he hoped would be the outcome of his assault.

This scum Savage even brags about coughing on every thing in the office and licking the doorknobs. He also sucked on a pen which he then handed to Bauer while asking for an autograph.

Apparently this cowardly little turd does not approve of Bauer's stand on gay and lesbian rights and believes it is acceptable to attempt to infect people who he does not agree with.

This twisted animal then writes of his criminal exploits and has his article published on the internet rag, The ultra left-wing Salon apparently also believes that attempted murder is alright as long as they get another story for their sleazy web site.

This coward Savage should be charged with perjury and attempted murder for his criminal actions and the principals of should be charged as accomplices. That this narrow-minded little insect even brags about his criminal actions shows what a sick, vicious scum he is. Who will he try to murder next? Who is on your list Salon?
posted by John Haspel 1/28/2000 4:50:56 PM

Accomplice To Murder Testifies For Stricter Gun Laws

Robyn Anderson, who willingly and knowingly provided the guns used in the murders at Columbine High, testified before the House Judiciary Committee asking for approval of a bill that would further restrict gun sales by private, law-abiding citizens to other private law-abiding citizens by requiring "instant" background checks on those individuals selling their own, personal, legally acquired guns.

Anderson testified that all she needed to buy these guns was her drivers license. She said, "it was too easy". She also failed to mention, nor has she been prosecuted for, existing laws that she has broken.

She certainly contributed to the delinquency of the two maniac minors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Much more egregious is her crime of accomplice to murder as she confessed to providing the weapons used in the murder of the innocent victims at Colimbine High. One has to wonder why she has not been prosecuted and imprisoned for these two serious crimes.

It appears to me that Anderson has not been prosecuted for her crimes as she has willingly become a pawn for the gun-control freaks and the spineless elected officials who jump every time one of these cowards cries "gun".

If this eighteen year old criminal were prosecuted under existing laws for her crimes, it certainly would be a deterrent to other completely irresponsible adults that buy guns for other individuals without knowing how the guns may be used. Prosecution of Anderson would be a far more effective deterrent than additional assaults on private citizens' rights.

As far as Anderson's' credibility since the commission of her crimes, Rep. Shawn Mitchell, a Republican from Broomfield, Colorado said "You tragically and carelessly became involved in something evil" and that she was now "tragically and carelessly being manipulated by gun-control forces".

This use of this criminal, Robyn Anderson, is a perfect example of the propaganda machine of the anti-constitutional gun-control cowards. These people place on a pedestal a criminal speaking the approved words of these terribly misinformed and deluded groups. Their promotion of Anderson is certainly proof that they care nothing of laws, lawfulness or even their often used pleading of "protecting the children".

They don't care that Robyn Anderson is directly responsible for the murders at Columbine High, or the fact that she has not been prosecuted for her crimes.

Interestingly, Anderson's testimony came on the same day that another criminal, convicted perjurer and adulterer President Bill Clinton, proposed even more restrictive gun laws requiring law-abiding citizens who wish to buy a legal gun to submit to a national picture ID card, background checks and a government sponsored safety course. Of course, none of these measures would have prevented Robyn Anderson from assisting Dylan and Klebold in their murderous pursuits.
posted by John Haspel 1/28/2000 1:38:14 PM

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

The Militarization Of The Police

It certainly does seem to me, and I believe a large percentage of other Americans, that many local police have become a force to be feared. Things have changed since I was a young man.

Back then (twenty-five or thirty years ago) I don’t remember hearing any incidences of police brutality, certainly nowhere near the perhaps weekly reports of police brutality today. There was corruption and occasionally I would hear of a cop busted for theft or taking a bribe, but not what we have today.

I think a lot of what has brought about the change in attitude and performance is that we seem to no longer have local police officers with the mindset that they are dealing with fellow citizens who have constitutional rights.

Rather, we are seeing a “militarization” of the police who now view themselves as “warrior soldiers” and the general population less as citizens deserving of their protection and more as “the enemy” who need to be subdued and controlled by any means the warrior soldier deems necessary.

The ever increasing powers of surveillance, no-knock warrants, pursuit and arrest guidelines, military style weapons, etc. adds to this “militarization” mindset.

As a constitutional republic we should all be gravely concerned about tactics used by law enforcement today.
I also reject the argument that the current “military” attitude is a rational response to an ever more hostile population. Hostile or not, the citizens of this country are the owners of this country who have a right to expect that law enforcement at all levels abide by the constitution first and foremost.

Good, honest cops should be praised and rewarded. Criminal cops deserve no protection from their peers and should be accused and prosecuted.
posted by John Haspel 1/25/2000 8:49:16 PM

Monday, January 24, 2000

Clinton’s Millenium Time Capsule

In a newspaper published 12/30/99 is an article about convicted perjurer and adulterer and also the current President of the United States Bill Clinton and his Assistant President wife, Hillary, who are burying a millenium time capsule to be opened in 2100. Among the articles the First Family are said to be burying are a piece of the Berlin Wall, a cell phone and a WWII helmet.

I would bet that they would also want to be burying a few other items: the gun used to murder Vince Foster, the gun used to murder two teenagers in Mena, Arkansas who apparently witnessed a Clinton cocaine deal (a new book by Mara Leveritt, "The Boys On The Tracks, goes into great detail about the murder of these two boys murder as well as Terry Reed's "Compromised").

Also, Hillary's subpoenaed billing records from her Rose law firm that miraculously appeared on a White House Coffee table five years after the First Defendents moved in to The White House, his many unconstitutional Executive Orders, Monica's dress, his membership card in Compulsive Liars Anonymous , his membership card in Sexual Predators Anonymous.

And Juanita Broaddrick - raped by Clinton and who has recently filed suit against the disgraced but still defiant President. Also Paula Jones, Sheryl Hall who refused to perform illegal acts for Hillary while working in the White House and Jennifer Flowers who has filed a similar lawsuit as Juanita Broaddrick against The First Defendants.

And the gun that killed Ron Miller - a witness in the Ron Brown murder and who was apparently murdered himself after providing evidence against Eugene and Nora Lum. The Lums are two “true” Americans in the mold of the Clintons who are powerful democratic fund raisers and close friends of the Clinton's, (Miller's death was first ruled "natural" and has recently been reclassified as death "consistent with homicide").

The Clintons would surely also like to bury in their time capsule Johnny Chung who has had at least three attempts on his life since telling the truth about The First Defendants' "cash for US military secrets" deal with the Red Chinese.

And last but certainly not least, Terry Reed - a former CIA operative who wrote a very well documented book called "Compromised" detailing his direct knowledge of massive drug dealing and many murders tied to Bill Clinton and George Bush, and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard who authored another well documented book about the Criminal Clintons called "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton".

I could easily go on and on about our mobster President and his chief advisor, Hillary, but that will be a future essay on “all the presidents scandals”.

Perhaps in the new century the American people as a whole will finally have enough of a gangster government and return this country to freedom, truth, real prosperity and a Constitutional form of government.
posted by John Haspel 1/24/2000 8:29:22 PM

More Gun Control Idiocy

Utah Senate President Lane Beattie intends to introduce another gun control bill to ban concealed guns in schools due to the increase in gun violence by maniacs. Isn’t this the same as saying that due to the increase in murders at convenience stores, no law abiding citizen will be allowed access to the means with which to defend him/herself while in a convenience store.

The logic eludes me. How any rational thinking person would want to take away a persons right to defend themselves in specific situations such as schools makes no sense at all. What Beattie should be pushing for is for teachers to learn the proper use of guns and to have easy access to them in schools.

When we send our children off to school we should be able to expect that proper and prudent measures be taken to insure that they come home alive from school.

If even a small percentage of teachers were known to be armed, these teenaged cowards committing these crimes would instead shoot tin cans instead of fellow students. As it is now, these little maniacs as well as the criminal population in general know when and where they can commit their violence. They just find the towns, cities, counties and states with the most restrictive gun laws.

Morons like Beattie are so deluded in their fear of self-responsibility that they come to these idiotic and dangerous conclusions and many people in the general population who have lost the ability to reason, unconsciously agree with this stupidity.

If it was not such a dangerous situation it would be laughable.

As Abe Simpson (Homers’ dad) said, “How can you outlaw guns - what do you do if a bear comes through your door”.
posted by John Haspel 1/24/2000 8:19:37 PM

Saturday, January 22, 2000

Gun ownership is a basic right beyond the 2nd amendment

The following is an excerpt from an appelate legal brief filed for the defendant, TIMOTHY JOE EMERSON, against the United States in the fifth circuit.

The complete brief can be read here:

“Many tens of millions of Americans, including increasing numbers of women, rely upon firearms for self defense and for the defense of others. Self defense is a venerable, unenumerated, fundamental right, no less so than any other unenumerated, fundamental right, and is recognized by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and by the state courts within the Fifth Circuit. Overwhelming criminological evidence demonstrates that a firearm is an effective means of defending oneself or others from crimes of violence, including domestic violence.”

I have felt for a long time that the strongest argument for law-abiding citizens to have free access to all guns is the simple fact that a free person in a free society has a basic fundamental right to defend him or herself however they see fit. This goes well beyond the U.S. Constitution as it obviously is a unenumerated fundamental right of all people to defend themselves.

Another quote from the brief:
“The federal government's theory of the statute -- with its perverse result of disarming victims -- is contrary not just to congressional intent, but to fundamental rights. Even if the Second Amendment did not exist, the federal government's interpretation of the statute would be unconstitutional, because the right of self defense is a fundamental right. ”

I think this is an even stronger argument than the second amendment against the government gun-grabbers and the grossly misinformed individuals that refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and those of their families.
posted by John Haspel 1/22/2000 12:48:13 PM

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